Perl-compatible Regular Expressions (revised API: PCRE2)

The HTML documentation for PCRE2 consists of a number of pages that are listed below in alphabetical order. If you are new to PCRE2, please read the first one first.

pcre2   Introductory page
pcre2-config   Information about the installation configuration
pcre2api   PCRE2's native API
pcre2build   Building PCRE2
pcre2callout   The callout facility
pcre2compat   Compability with Perl
pcre2convert   Experimental foreign pattern conversion functions
pcre2demo   A demonstration C program that uses the PCRE2 library
pcre2grep   The pcre2grep command
pcre2jit   Discussion of the just-in-time optimization support
pcre2limits   Details of size and other limits
pcre2matching   Discussion of the two matching algorithms
pcre2partial   Using PCRE2 for partial matching
pcre2pattern   Specification of the regular expressions supported by PCRE2
pcre2perform   Some comments on performance
pcre2posix   The POSIX API to the PCRE2 8-bit library
pcre2sample   Discussion of the pcre2demo program
pcre2serialize   Serializing functions for saving precompiled patterns
pcre2syntax   Syntax quick-reference summary
pcre2test   The pcre2test command for testing PCRE2
pcre2unicode   Discussion of Unicode and UTF-8/UTF-16/UTF-32 support

There are also individual pages that summarize the interface for each function in the library.

pcre2_callout_enumerate   Enumerate callouts in a compiled pattern
pcre2_code_copy   Copy a compiled pattern
pcre2_code_copy_with_tables   Copy a compiled pattern and its character tables
pcre2_code_free   Free a compiled pattern
pcre2_compile   Compile a regular expression pattern
pcre2_compile_context_copy   Copy a compile context
pcre2_compile_context_create   Create a compile context
pcre2_compile_context_free   Free a compile context
pcre2_config   Show build-time configuration options
pcre2_convert_context_copy   Copy a convert context
pcre2_convert_context_create   Create a convert context
pcre2_convert_context_free   Free a convert context
pcre2_converted_pattern_free   Free converted foreign pattern
pcre2_dfa_match   Match a compiled pattern to a subject string (DFA algorithm; not Perl compatible)
pcre2_general_context_copy   Copy a general context
pcre2_general_context_create   Create a general context
pcre2_general_context_free   Free a general context
pcre2_get_error_message   Get textual error message for error number
pcre2_get_mark   Get a (*MARK) name
pcre2_get_match_data_size   Get the size of a match data block
pcre2_get_ovector_count   Get the ovector count
pcre2_get_ovector_pointer   Get a pointer to the ovector
pcre2_get_startchar   Get the starting character offset
pcre2_jit_compile   Process a compiled pattern with the JIT compiler
pcre2_jit_free_unused_memory   Free unused JIT memory
pcre2_jit_match   Fast path interface to JIT matching
pcre2_jit_stack_assign   Assign stack for JIT matching
pcre2_jit_stack_create   Create a stack for JIT matching
pcre2_jit_stack_free   Free a JIT matching stack
pcre2_maketables   Build character tables in current locale
pcre2_maketables_free   Free character tables
pcre2_match   Match a compiled pattern to a subject string (Perl compatible)
pcre2_match_context_copy   Copy a match context
pcre2_match_context_create   Create a match context
pcre2_match_context_free   Free a match context
pcre2_match_data_create   Create a match data block
pcre2_match_data_create_from_pattern   Create a match data block getting size from pattern
pcre2_match_data_free   Free a match data block
pcre2_pattern_convert   Experimental foreign pattern converter
pcre2_pattern_info   Extract information about a pattern
pcre2_serialize_decode   Decode serialized compiled patterns
pcre2_serialize_encode   Serialize compiled patterns for save/restore
pcre2_serialize_free   Free serialized compiled patterns
pcre2_serialize_get_number_of_codes   Get number of serialized compiled patterns
pcre2_set_bsr   Set \R convention
pcre2_set_callout   Set up a callout function
pcre2_set_character_tables   Set character tables
pcre2_set_compile_extra_options   Set compile time extra options
pcre2_set_compile_recursion_guard   Set up a compile recursion guard function
pcre2_set_depth_limit   Set the match backtracking depth limit
pcre2_set_glob_escape   Set glob escape character
pcre2_set_glob_separator   Set glob separator character
pcre2_set_heap_limit   Set the match backtracking heap limit
pcre2_set_match_limit   Set the match limit
pcre2_set_max_pattern_length   Set the maximum length of pattern
pcre2_set_newline   Set the newline convention
pcre2_set_offset_limit   Set the offset limit
pcre2_set_parens_nest_limit   Set the parentheses nesting limit
pcre2_set_recursion_limit   Obsolete: use pcre2_set_depth_limit
pcre2_set_recursion_memory_management   Obsolete function that (from 10.30 onwards) does nothing
pcre2_substitute   Match a compiled pattern to a subject string and do substitutions
pcre2_substring_copy_byname   Extract named substring into given buffer
pcre2_substring_copy_bynumber   Extract numbered substring into given buffer
pcre2_substring_free   Free extracted substring
pcre2_substring_get_byname   Extract named substring into new memory
pcre2_substring_get_bynumber   Extract numbered substring into new memory
pcre2_substring_length_byname   Find length of named substring
pcre2_substring_length_bynumber   Find length of numbered substring
pcre2_substring_list_free   Free list of extracted substrings
pcre2_substring_list_get   Extract all substrings into new memory
pcre2_substring_nametable_scan   Find table entries for given string name
pcre2_substring_number_from_name   Convert captured string name to number